AM selection: movies about wine

AM selection: movies about wine

"Good wine makes you see things in the most pleasant light!" In this selection we collected our favorite pictures about world’s beloved noble beverage :)

«A Good Year» (2006)

An intoxicating immersion in the relaxed atmosphere of summer Provence! In Ridley Scott's romantic masterpiece of a wine aficionado, the shark of the London’s stock market discovers the quiet and measured life of a winemaker. 

«Sideways» (2004)

The picture that caused a booming demand for Pinot Noir in the U.S. and Britain! :) Two friends embark on a week-long trip through the wineries of California, not realizing how much the trip would change their lives. 

«Mondovino» (2004)

A documentary that entertainingly discusses the effects of globalization on wine production. Wine legends argue about the market, critics, and the value of "the original, the unique, the rare." 

«Bottle Shock» (2009)

The true story of a small American winery that caused a sensation at a French wine competition in 1976. The wine, tasted blind, unexpectedly turned California into one of the world's most celebrated wine purveyors.  

«Wine. The Green Revolution» (Wine the Green Revolution, 2012)

An entertaining documentary about biodynamics - an alternative method of organic farming in wine production. The picture about the life of winemakers who decided to live closer to nature. 

«Andre: The Voice of Wine» (2017)

The true story of whiteguard Andrei Chelishchev, one of the world's most famous oenologists and the founding father of American winemaking. A documentary about the journey from the vineyards of pre-revolutionary Russia to the Olympus of world wine culture. 

«The Jug» (ქვევრი, 1970)

A sparkling masterpiece of Georgian cinema! The short comedy (only 35 minutes) is about a man who accidentally climbs into a large wine jug and sits in it for three days.  

«Leaffall» (გიორგობისთვე, 1966)

The first full-length film by the famous Georgian director Otar Iosseliani. The atmospheric story of a young winery technologist torn between love, a sense of duty, and his job. 

«That Crazy French Woman in Georgia» (2008)

Isabelle Legeron travels to Georgia, where she discovers a winemaking heritage going back to ancient Rome, Egypt and even Phoenicia. The documentary is about an itinerant winemaker who fights for a true distinctive wine that is not tweaked to an international wine template. 

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